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OPEN PLAY>CREATE COMMONS!_16.10.14, Bruxelles_open meeting

In occasione del debutto de Il Macello di Giobbe, organizziamo a Bruxelles un incontro aperto con artisti e attivisti dal Belgio, Francia e Italia. Per confrontarci su commons, diritti e produzione culturale in Europa e immaginare nuove forme di alleanza dal basso.

#carovanavalle: 16 october 2014, Bruxelles h.17>19:30 @Bozar | h.20:30 @Aleppo
how to create alliances in the european cultural playground


Europe has seen during the past years the emergence of a diversity of grassroots social and cultural movements initiated by artists, activists and no-profit organizations reclaiming a radical change of cultural policy. 
Teatro Valle Occupato/Fondazione Bene Comune is one of the most prominent examples of these initiatives which bridges artistic production and political action. In this unique experience, cultural activists and artists are engaging in the creation of new political, organizational and economic models.
We seize the occasion created by the presentation of Il Macello di Giobbe by Fausto Paravidino (15-16 October, Bozar, Bruxelles, produced by Teatro Valle Occupato), to invite several activists, artists and organizations from across Europe in order to discuss a possible alliance for a commons of the culture in Europe. The great diversity of its members is to empower this alliance in the questioning of the foundations of a cultural-economic system that is at the cause of deep inequalities in all European countries. Taking cultural work seriously, in all its importance and dignity, calls for an experimentation with new institutional practices that are capable of re-inventing legislation as a field of ongoing creation and contestation.


> Meeting h17>19.30 | @Bozar
_European status of the Commons, juridical experiments and constitutive practices;
_State of cultural workers, rights, welfare, precariety;
_Cultural productions: how to create networks, alternative economies and new institutions?
Interventions (being defined) + open debate

>Workshop > h20.30 | @Aleppo
Sharing experiences, creating maps and operative tools, supporting connections

partecipants partecipants (and others to be confirmed):
teatro valle (roma); state of the arts (brussels)reseau des intermittants de l’art et du spectacle (france); aleppo (brussels); apass (bruxelles); macao (milano); …

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