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16 Ott

OPEN PLAY>CREATE COMMONS!_16.10.14, Bruxelles_open meeting

In occasione del debutto de Il Macello di Giobbe, organizziamo a Bruxelles un incontro aperto con artisti e attivisti dal Belgio, Francia e Italia. Per confrontarci su commons, diritti e produzione culturale in Europa e immaginare nuove forme di alleanza dal basso. #carovanavalle: 16 october 2014, Bruxelles h.17>19:30 @Bozar | h.20:30 @AleppoOPEN PLAY>CREATE COMMONS!how to create alliances […]

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25 Set


29 Set

25>29 settembre 2014 @Hamburg__the art of being many

Dal 25 al 29 settembre saremo al Amburgo insieme ad altri artisti, ricercatori e attivisti da tutta Europa. Con Macao e Sale Docks a raccontare le esperienze italiane tra arte, politica dal basso, nuove istituzioni, pratiche di democrazia reale. Perché l’Europa è uno spazio politico da abitare e da trasformare. A partire dalla libera circolazione di corpi […]

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29 Lug


30 Lug

TEATRO VALLE COMMONS FOUNDATION IS IN DANGER! On July 29th we called for a press conference at 12.00 and for a public assembly at 17.00.

TEATRO VALLE COMMONS FOUNDATION IS IN DANGER! Roma, July 28th, 2014 Today Teatro Valle Commons Foundation has been invited at Teatro Argentina by Teatro di Roma’s president Marino Sinibaldi and art director Antonio Calbi, together with the president of the City cultural Commission, Michela Di Biase, and the new head of the City of Rome […]

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22 Lug


01 Ott


A COMMONS ADVENTURE a brief chronicle

A COMMONS ADVENTURE  ———————————————— × UNDER EVICTION × × TEATRO VALLE OCCUPATO REACTS TO MAYOR OF ROME DR. IGNAZIO MARINO, JULY 4TH 2014 × Following the statements that Mayor of Rome Dr. Ignazio Marino made during the TV program “Otto e mezzo” at the beginning of June, where he demanded a “final solution” [sic] for Teatro Valle without even […]

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27 Feb

The New Abduction of Europe_Teatro Valle a Madrid

28 febbraio > 2 marzo 2014Madrid  The new abduction of Europe / Il nuovo ratto d’Europa Debt, war & democratic revolutions /Debito, guerra & rivoluzioni democratiche Il Teatro Valle Occupato, insieme a Macao e altre realtà italiane attive sul piano della produzione culturale e/o della pratica politica, sarà a Madrid per partecipare al meeting internazionale The […]

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14 Feb


16 Feb

Zagabria14>16.02_Culture, Commons and Institutional Innovation | Conferenza internazionale

Dal 14 al 16 febbraio il Teatro Valle Occupato sarà a Zagabria – insieme a Macao e Sale D.o.c.k.s. – per una  conferenza internazionale che discuterà la relazione tra cultura, commons e nuove istituzioni in tempi di crisi economica, politiche europee di austerità e privatizzazioni. Un’occasione per raccontare una scena italiana agitata e rivitalizzata da […]

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31 Ott


10 Nov


  WHAT WAS GOING ON AROUND THE WORLD Spring 2011: Europe and the whole mediterranean area are in turmoil. The act of occupying takes place and moves from the north-african cities to the spanish squares of the Indignados through the neighbourhoods in flames in Athens up to the USA’s #occupy movements. These bodies don’t get […]

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27 Set

PISA | WHAT TEATRO ROSSI APERTO CAN DO? | An agora where we can meet | thrusday 09.27

We are tired of the ruling class overbearingness, of the crystallization of the present state, of lacking the financial support to culture. We are weary to be subordinated to seasonal trends to beg an income, to be blackmailed by favoritism and privatization.

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12 Mag


     Allarme BELARUS FREE THEATRE,   il Teatro Valle risponde     La compagnia bielorussa vittima della censura e della persecuzione del regime dispotico di Alexander Lukashenko che ha regalato al Teatro Valle e al Cinema Palazzo la propria arte ed il proprio tempo lancia un disperato appello.   Il Re Lear di Shakespeare che […]

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05 Mag

Press release MACAO_May 5th Milan

May 5th_Milan Press release MACAO We are glad to declare the opening of MACAO, the new arts centre in Milan, a great experiment in building with a bottom up approach a space where to produce art and culture. A place where artists and citizens can gather together in order to invent a new system of […]

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29 Mar


Since its inception in 1998, the Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art has become one of the most important events of contemporary art worldwide. The Berlin Biennale explores artistic developments and visions from within the art scene of one of the most unusual cultural capitals in Europe where it also presents them.

The Berlin Biennale has become a magnet for art lovers from all over the world and is continually praised by an enthusiastic audience as an experimental context-specific exhibition.

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13 Gen

Foundation Campaign Teatro Valle Bene Comune

  “The role of the artist is to make revolution irresistible”    We are workers within the fields of art and knowledge. On June 14, 2011, we occupied the Teatro Valle, the oldest theater in Rome, to save it from privatization and to denounce the state of emergency of Italian culture and politics. During these […]

16 Nov

ALJAZEERA – Donatella Della Ratta 16 Nov 2011

‘Occupy’ culture enters Roman theatre   As a result of privatisation and downsizing, Italian communities have taken culture into their own hands. Donatella Della Ratta  On November 14, while Silvio Berlusconi was heading to the Quirinale to resign amidst a crowd chanting “buffoon, thief”, a thousand people were quietly sitting in a former cinema listening […]

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10 Ott

Duch Tv on Teatro Valle Occupato – VIDEO

The duch TV Nieuwsuur has created a news-service in Rome. The crisis in Italy: the impact of the financial crisis, the attitude of the politicians, protests and actions to combat the crisis. Among these is the experience of the Teatro Valle Occupato. VIDEO  

07 Ott

Velvet revolution: inside the arts protests at Rome’s Teatro Valle

The Guardian, Friday 7 October 2011 Velvet revolution: inside the arts protests at Rome’s Teatro Valle For months, actors, directors and backstage technicians have turned Rome’s oldest theatre into a squat – and all because they want the show to go on. by Tess Amodeo-Vickery I take my place at the end of the queue, […]

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02 Set


Venice Lido, September 2, 201168° Venice Film Festival PRESS RELEASEOCCUPATION of the MARINONI THEATRE   We are Workers in the arts and entertainment.On June 14th we occupied the Teatro Valle in Rome, as a symbol for the dramatic situation of Art in Italy, to save it from an uncertain future and risk of privatization. We […]

29 Lug

The Occupation of Teatro Valle, Rome

Rome, 29 July 2011 The Occupation of Teatro Valle, Rome– where we have got so far It is the 14th of June. A Tuesday. The thirteenth of June, at three in the afternoon, the referendum was concluded; the Italian people overwhelmingly expressed that water is a ‘commonwealth’, and reaffirmed – as in ’85 – that […]

05 Lug


Rome, July 5, 2011 TEATRO VALLE OCCUPATO – PROPOSAL FOR A NEW TEATRO VALLE On 14 June 2011, Lavoratrici e Lavoratori dello Spettacolo, a group of workers of art and entertainment, film / theater / dancers / technicians, have occupied the Teatro Valle to save it from an uncertain future. The occupiers have issued an […]

28 Giu

new york times

Outrage Over a Storied Roman Theater’s Future

THE NEW YORK TIMES, TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2011 Outrage Over a Storied Roman Theater’s Future By ELISABETTA POVOLEDO ROME — Real-time drama is taking place at the Teatro Valle, the storied theater here where Pirandello’s “Six Characters in Search of an Author” was first performed 90 years ago. For nearly two weeks the space has […]

21 Giu


Rome, June 21, 2011 OCCUPATION OF TEATRO VALLE – WHY * Because Teatro Valle, a historical importance value for the city of Rome and for the entire country, is risking, after the suppression of the Ente Teatrale Italiano decided by the last budget law, to be entrusted to privates who would betray its identity of […]