30 Giu

Erna Ómarsdóttir per il Teatro Valle Occupato

Dalla scena internazionale della danza arriva un’altra email di sostegno al Teatro Valle Occupato.

have been sharing with some friends and people in the theatre and art  buisness in different european countries, and compared to what goverments are doing all over 
I’m pretty proud of the icelandic goverment that has realized somehow that art and culture are infact food for the soul and very important, despite the cirisis they decided only to cut little from it and as it has been shown that art and culture are in fact a big part of the icelandic export as well as inside the country…
and it is what has put iceland on the map and it is something to be proud of… of course the situation is not fantastic here neather but it is much better than in many places
those stupid goverments should understand  that they are taking away food and nourishment for the soul and it is not less important 

hope somthing good  comes out of all you are organizing
best wishes
erna and the bellybeast

Erna Ómarsdóttir (choreographer and dancer living between Reykjavik and Brussels)

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