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Rome, June 21, 2011


* Because Teatro Valle, a historical importance value for the city of Rome and for the entire country, is risking, after the suppression of the Ente Teatrale Italiano decided by the last budget law, to be entrusted to privates who would betray its identity of space dedicated to contemporary stage with international scope.
* Because town councillor Gasperini has chose to reassure us answering that Teatro Valle will transiently pass to Roma Capitale’s administration while waiting for a public notice. This answer isn’t enough for us: no artistic project has been presented, nor have we any warranty over the economic coverage. Besides, we would like to know the criteria of selection of the notice and the ethical principles inspiring it.
* Because Teatro Valle is emblematic of the state-of-the-art in Italy. It is the umpteenth public value to be divested without a transparent and shared project, managed according to privatistic logics.
* Because the Teatro Valle issue is not the only reason why we are here. The Italian cultural system is in ever-growing emergency, burdened by continuous cutbacks not only on culture but also on schools, universities and research, and by the absence of a political project willing to engage in implementing reforms able to carry to effective and ultimate solutions.
* Theatres, movie theatres, productions are risking closure every day. Free and independent thought is also at risk, and so are the basis of a so called civil society.
* Because workers of entertainment and art world have no warranties on their own rights. There is no welfare system safeguarding the time of non working, the time of research, of creation, of permanent training, the time of slowness and error.
* Because our creative and immaterial work produces material richness and this richness is not redistributed nor in terms of financing nor in terms of income. And it is the right to have a guaranteed income that saves us from being blackmailed and safeguards artistic and intellectual autonomy.
* Because as self organized artists, cultural operators, workforces, entertainment and culture workers, we no more feel represented, by anybody. We want to be protagonists of our present and build the future we desire.
* Because the underkill philosophy isn’t enough for us anymore. We call for a cultural outbreak, …and shall it be contagious!

Download document here: Occupation_of_Teatro_Valle_WHY


Rome, June 14, 2011



– for an irresistible revolution –

On June 14, after six months practicing in the fight, with raid in theaters and symbolic occupations, Lavoratrici e Lavoratori dello Spettacolo, workers in the arts and entertainment world occupied Teatro Valle.
 Workers in Film production, theater, dance, technicians, operators, employers, precarious and intermittent for several months waged a direct and self-organized fight for their rights and against the cuts.

Following their / our appeal:
 The Teatro Valle is not only a valuable space to be saved but a symbol of the state of Art in Italy. We are here to become protagonists in the political decisions that affect our industry, our work, our lives. We are here to imagine and build together the theater that we would like.

Missing any form of dialogue and every principle of representation, we want to reclaim the places that belong to us. We want to claim a participation in the political processes that decide the fate of our lives and culture of our country. The principle of free access to culture, knowledge, freedom of movement of ideas, the strengthening of a critical thought is essential to the rights of every citizen.

In our country the political and party interference in public affairs is systematic. The production of culture and critical thought is progressively drained, the skills are not considered a value, talents are mortified, workers of culture have not the minimum safeguards guaranteed necessary for the exercise of their profession (the basic norms of social security, the guarantee of not working times without pay, the right to lifelong training …). The Italian Government has responded to the international economic crisis with cuts in social policies, culture and research. These government policies are accelerating the process of precarious employment, are denying the rights of workers and restricting the access to knowledge. They have definitely broken the agreement between citizens and institutions divesting public goods and ignoring the rights.
 For these reasons, the 14th of December, workers in the arts and entertainment world took to the streets alongside students and precarious researchers to protest against the university reform and cuts to culture.

It is time for us, artists, operators and professionals of the industry to assume the responsibility to decide for our lives, our work and our spaces. To take back what is ours, through actions and shared practices.

We invite the world of culture and entertainment and all citizens to take a stand and confront with us on a wider view, beyond the defense of their own and the existing, and to do it now in the Occupied Teatro Valle during the permanent assembly. To defend the chance of MAKING culture, and make it to the highest level of our potential.


– Teatro Valle is the theatre where Luigi Pirandello’s Six Characters in search of an author was first staged, May 9th 1921. The actors were Luigi Almirante, Vera Vergani, Ione Prigerio, Luigi Cimara, Margherita Donadoni, Alfonso Magheri, directed by Dario Niccodemi. The theatre was packed, 1080 tickets were sold.

– Teatro Valle is the oldest theatre in Rome, built 1726

Download document here: Teatro_Valle_Occupato_APPEAL



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