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PISA | WHAT TEATRO ROSSI APERTO CAN DO? | An agora where we can meet | thrusday 09.27

The theater doesn’t exist any longer ,
we don’t have any more representation,
the social normality of pretending is absent.
The big machine to see is blind,
and send us back only the glittering of our look, so as to say, the camera. The theater is now a black mirror, his seduction is his availability.
What it is , it is to be seen,
and so,ultimately, it is not.
U. Volli ‘Theatre and photography’

 Since last June, Italy has been hit by a wave of theatre occupations  : they have been run by a pluralistic management so as to hand  back to the citizenry something belonging to her.

Today, we, students and workers in the entertainment fields, have decided to open and set free from dust and silence Teatro Ernesto Rossi, because we are fed up with being precarious subjectivities, unrecognized categories, people who day after day, see their present more and more impoverished and their future more and more in danger.

We are tired of the ruling class overbearingness, of the crystallization of the present state, of lacking  the financial support to culture. We are weary to be subordinated to seasonal trends  to beg an income, to be blackmailed by favoritism and privatization.

We are not resigned.

We are here to reaffirm that beyond and against the crisis there are people and energies moving, ready to challenge themselves, imaging and experimenting new artistic languages and different ways of getting together.

We want to practice an horizontal  management of one of the most beautiful theaters of this area .  Breaking into the present state is the  only  way we can get hold of our time, no matter of productivity diktats and labor market rules.

Let’s create a physical and mental landscape where mistake and desire are regarded as possibility.

Like in Palermo, Roma, Napoli, Catania, Ostia, up to  Venice and Milano, we have decided to perform a desiring act : open this theatre , a common wealth of our city, otherwise abandoned  to a slow death. Located in an important spot, in front of the faculty of Literature, it should be the beating heart of university life.

We have studied for a long time this social fabric.

We fight back council politics attempting to make Pisa a window shop for tourists, detached from  our desires. The desires of citizens, migrants, students who  actually live in this city. For instance, to choose to buy CCTV instead of supporting arts and culture.

We refuse the logic of big events, propaganda and emptiness.

We look for places where immaterial production come from real sharing of ideas and behavior. We want to start from a theatre, symbol of a spring of a culture revolution. Knowledge must be approached in a different way : a non- hierarchical  and partisan one. We conceive culture as a knowledge that raises beyond the closed university walls , academies and dead stages.

The constituent power of us must get a key role in an agora where we can meet, discuss, and discover ourselves.

This is an atelier of ideas, a cauldron of sparkling energies where contamination   rules. This is our nature :  a movement in fieri , dynamic, open and careful to people needs.

This act is here to show that battles are not only for heroes and things have to be changed HERE AND NOW.

To be continued….

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