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V per Valle: Linda Griffiths, Micha e Natsuko Ohama

V per ValleNumerosissime le email che arrivano all’account di posta ( del Teatro Valle Occupato. Da tutta Italia e dal mondo attori, attrici, artisti, lavoratrici e lavoratori dello spettacolo esprimono, in modi differenti, la loro solidarietà al Teatro Valle Occupato.

In questo post, come nei prossimi della sezione “V per Valle”, riportiamo alcune di queste email.

Grazie per il Vostro sostegno.

Teatro Valle Occupato




Linda GriffithsI am a Canadian playwright and actor. I want to offer my solidarity with your protest. In Canada we always think of Europe as a place where culture is valued and so I am horrified to hear that the Teatro Valle is slated for destruction. Yes, there is a cultural crisis – it is happening in Canada, the UK and the US. We must find a way to fight, not only the governments and developers that would destroy culture – but also a malaise within ourselves. We must reach out to the audiences, make certain that our work connects to them, even while they are being told that culture is irrelevant. We must renew that connection if we are to survive.
I am so glad that a group of artists have laid themselves on the line for their vocation – not just for a building, however historic and beautiful it may be, but for the arts themselves. I admire you. I applaud you.

Linda Griffiths (canadian actress)





Bravo to you and all of your colleagues at Teatro Valle for your passion and courage!
Art and artists will have to save the world; the politicians don’t have a clue.
You have my full support. We will pass on the news of your mission to all our MICHA friends.

My warmest regards,
Joanna Merlin
Michael Chekhov Association

MICHA (the Michael Chekhov Association)



Natsuko Ohamaa(…)here from the USA I can only meditate and send you all good thoughts and strength. What you all are doing is imperative and we can all stand on the rights of them. How beautiful our theatres are, the repositories of the souls of the voice of the artist great and small, and the humans that came to listen and see Theatres have life, and this can not be bought or re-created or put in a bottle. The mystery of them is profound, and unique and the are the churches of creation. Does Italy really need another restaurant when people’s souls are starving, not their stomachs??

How brave you are to speak out….no not brave…it is not bravery, it is necessity. What else could one do whohas a heart? I am sending your message to many many friends. There is no question, you are doing what must be done for the earth, the art, and the human soul.
Respectfully yours,


Natsuko Ohama (Master Voice Teacher – Head of Voice at the University of Southern California)



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